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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Woman attempts suicide from 50 ft cell phone tower, Another MBA hangs self and leaves a recording of the act

Woman attempts suicide from 50 ft cell phone tower near Thane Prison date Sept 28th, 2011 Unable to raise Rs.2 Lakh for her 11 year old visually impaired daughter's eye operation, Swapna Perriera(45), a widow, resident of Vileparle, climbed a 50 ft BSNL tower near Thane Jail and attempted suicide on Tuesday afternoon. She claims to have written letters to the PMO and CM's office for support .The entire incident took place around 1.30 pm near Thane Jail where she had gone to visit her incarcerated brother-in-law, amidst both police and public. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MBA hangs herself on cellphone camera V Narayan, TNN | Sep 29, 2011, 03.01AM IST Article Comments Read more:S L Hujband|Nidhi Singh|MIDC|MBA hangs Tweet MBA hangs herself on cellphone camera A 24-year-old management professional hanged herself at her home in MIDC, Andheri (East), on Tuesday. MUMBAI: A 24-year-old management professional hanged herself at her home in MIDC, Andheri (East), on Tuesday. Nidhi Singh committed suicide between 9.45 am and 10 am soon after her husband Samdashi (25), an assistant manager at a private bank, had left for work. "She recorded her suicide on her cellphone. She also left behind a note, which was in Hindi but scripted in Roman alphabets, holding no one responsible for the act. She also apologized to her husband," said MIDC senior police inspector S L Hujband. "Besides, she mentioned she wanted to be a part of both her and her husband's family in her next birth and did not want to hurt anyone." The cellphone footage is 1.33 minutes long. In it she says she was depressed and had regrets about her love marriage, which took place in February. "The couple hail from Uttar Pradesh and was staying in the rented flat (on the first floor of Golden Apartments, Kondivita Lane) for four months," Hujband said. When Singh's father did not get an answer after repeatedly calling her till Tuesday evening, he asked a distant relative, who too resides at MIDC, to check if things were right with her. "Our relative contacted me at my workplace and said my wife was not responding to my father-in-law's repeated calls," read Samdashi's police statement. "Around 9.30 pm, I went along with my relative to the flat. But when my wife did not answer the knocks, we informed the police. The fire brigade was called and they broke open the door to find her hanging from the ceiling." The police said that Singh had frequent arguments with her husband. "But the suicide note, which was found by Samdashi when he searched the house, did not indicate any ill-treatment from him," Hujband said. "Samdashi said that around 9.30 am, when he was leaving for work, Nidhi requested him to talk with her for 10 minutes. He complied but she again tried to stop him. He ultimately left as he was getting late for work. Around 10 am, he received an SMS from her saying 'sorry'. But he did not take it seriously." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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