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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mental Health a neglected and misconcievd subject matter by Shreyas Rao

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Mental Health a neglected and misconceived subjectmatter

The mind and mental framework of a person determines his demeanour and temperament.Human mind is extremely complex to understand, one can marvel at its wonders and repel at its quirks however one can never undermine the possibilities and probabilities mind can come out with and reach. In the Bhagvadgita it is stated mind can be mind's best friend and also man's greatest enemy. Arjun tells lord Krishna in The gita that he has the divine prowess to control the wind but not his mind. A hell lot of attention is paid to physiological functioning of the body and the biological aspects of human anatomy but scant regard is given to human mind which is unfortunate and tragedy of human kind.As the saying goes healthy body resides in a healthy mind.

Stress,depression,anxiety are disrupting the peace of mind of scores of people across the globe and seeking professional help from a psychiatrist, counsellor or any mental health professional is considered a taboo and there is stigma associated with it.Mental illness is like any other illness and if its untreated and unaddressed it can have disastrous consequences. Modern medical science through empirical evidence has probed into mental illnesses and have categorised and compartmentalised mental illnesses as per the symptoms, gravity and magnitude. Modern life style and this day and age of rat race and survival of the fitness has led to a fast paced life where people over work, drain themselves in excess and succummb to pressures at work and while shouldering domestic responsibilities this is why yoga is becoming popular people are taking recourse to it to find solace and respite.

Its High time civil society deals with mental health on a war footing to decrease the incidence of suicide, to help people tackle stress effectively and for peaceful existence. Government expenditure and budgetary allocation should be made for mental health concerns, mentally ill should be incorporated into gazettes of statutes relating to disability. Special attention should be given to children who are mentally ill in schools and colleges, state should provide the wherewithal for schools to have an inhouse counsellor, motivational lectures and self-help workshops should be organised in school. Parents and care givers must be sensitive to the plight of mentally ill and must learn to empathise with them. The right thinking members of civil society and activists must create awareness about mental health by abolishing the myths, put the stereotypes at rest and elimination misconceptions. At the end of the day promoting mental health is a collective endeavour.