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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Aasra's Johnson Thomas gives some pointers regarding suicidal ideation and how we can deal with that intense unbearable emotional pain

Aasra's Johnson Thomas gives some pointers regarding suicidal ideation and how we can deal with that intense unbearable emotional pain 1) What would you consider as suicidal thoughts? Thoughts that urge one to end their life, end it all, run away from it all, go away all alone, hurt oneself badly - can be considered as suicidal thoughts 2)What are the key things that trigger suicidal thoughts among people? Any emotional upheaval/crisis that comes up after a series of mini-crisis can trigger suicidal thoughts. It could be financial/economic, relationship fracas, love break-up, a fight with someone you love, marital infidelity, betrayal, crticism from Boss/parents/loved ones, terminal illness, long term mental health issuesetc. 3) What are the mental health illnesses that are associated with suicidal thoughts? All illnesses can trigger suicidal thoughts. It depends from person to person and their ability to withstand emotional pain viz their conditioning 4) How many patients on an average do you get who have suicidal thoughts? a majority of our callers express suicidal ideation. Say around 80 % 5) What is the most common traits among people who are suicidal? Being suicidal is not a disease. It's basically a defense mechanism to end intense emotional pain. So when a person expresses hopelessness or suicidal ideation then he or she must be taken seriously and provided with emotional first aid and not be subjected to criticism or judgement 6) Five things that a person having suicidal thoughts can do immediately -- in terms of a) getting out of the circle of negative thoughts b) making themselves feel better. In order to break the cycle of thoughts the suicidal person has to accept that these are thoughts like any other and can only become dangerous if he/she acts on them. He/she should reject the thoughts like he /she does with any other negative thought. Talk to a helpline Deep breathe. Take slow deep breaths. Inhale - stop for a few seconds - exhale listen to favorite music, get into some physical activity, aerobic exercise, do something that will make you feel good, cook, eat your favorite foods, dance, visit a garden, park, relax, spend time with people who help you stay positive etc. 7) What are the long term steps that people should take when they have repeated suicidal thoughts? Go to a counsellor/professional, readjust your lifestyle habits to destress your life, take up hobbies that relax you and reaffirm your self worth, Give yourself regular breaks from stressful activity,learn to socialise, do a tech detox- detach from technology and re-engage with people on a face-to-face, one on one basis, take up a regular exercise regime of deep breathing and aerobic exercises, sip water regularly, increase fluid intake, read/ watch/listen motivational books/videos/mP3 for positive reinforcements, take a walk in green spaces regularly etc, hope this helps Johnson Thomas Director Aasra 9820466726