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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Aasra Testimonies

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Aasra Testimonies


I have been a frequent caller at Aasra helpline and I have always been given the best of service by the helpline volunteers. They understood me and made my life much more bearable. For years I have been suffering from Bipolar disorder and it  the helpline volunteers kept me motivated and helped me be proactive about my illness. Today i have stabilized to the extent that I am now able to work and earn a living for myself.  Karan, karnataka.

I had several traumatic experiences in my past and after a recent crisis I was on the verge of suicide but a timely call to the helpline helped me rethink and re-energise enough to chose life as an option. Sara, Jammu&Kashmir

I work in a naxal prone region and have had several close encounters with death. Since I have been living away from my family for security reasons there have been several misunderstandings that have caused fights between me and my wife. Life had lost all meaning and I was contemplating suicide when i cam across Aasra helpline number on google. I tried it. spoke about my troubles to the volunteer on hand and received tremendous caring and concern. After talking to the volunteer for more than an hour there was renewed hope in me. I felt strong enough to refocus and think of workable alternatives to resolve my issues. I am really grateful to the helpline for having saved me from going over the brink. Kushal, Bastar.

I called the helpline a few years back and was really grateful for the help received at that time.I was a student then and was suffering from severe stress and anxiety regarding my exams and the volunteer was able to help me come out of that deep funk and suggest ways to destress and recoup. I had also suggested this helpline number to one of my friend's who was in a crisis recently and she too was able to come out of her suicidal ideation and focus on getting back on track with her life. We are both sincerely grateful to Aasra for being there for us in our time of need. Reyan, Gujarat.

My girlfriend and I were having problems with our relationship and she was threatening suicide everytime we had a fight- to the point that I had begun to feel cornered and extremely suicidal. i felt there was no point to live if this carried on and was in the process of searching for ways to end my life on google when I cam across this number and decided to give it a try. The volunteer was able to calm me down, make me think about possible things I could do to resolve the conflicts in my relationship, helped me focus on seeking help for my girlfriend and also reminded me that there was a lot more for me to live for. it was not only a relief for me but also enlightening. Thank you Aasra. Negumboh, North East India.

I got married to a well heeled Indian , an American citizen in the USA. it was an arranged marriage. The guy was very friendly all through the process before marriage but once we were married he exposed his true colors. he seemed unstable. He was given to quick rages for the pettiest of issues and would even hit me in the few days he has in India after our marriage. I kept quite and did not raise the alarm thinking that with time things would get resolved..I was able to join him six mnths later but once in the USA  i realised that he had a live-in girlfriend who he was not willing to let go and he and his girlfriend treated me abominably. I was on facebook and had even posted a status saying that I was about to end it all. Facebook directed me to AASRA and I made the call. The volunteer was so caring and empathetic to my troubles and heard me out patiently. At the end I felt strong enough to report my husband to the authorities with help from an NGO there and eventually filed for divorce. Now I am in a better place. I enrolled for higher studies there and am doing quite well financially as well as emotionally. If not for Aasra I would have been just another statistic.  Rashna, USA