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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Aasra's Workshop on 'Child Sex Abuse Protection'

Facilitator/Trainer:  Johnson Thomas(Aasra)

for Students of  6th, 7th and 8th std students (  160 students both boys and girls in 4 batches) of Municipal School No 28  Sector 15, Vashi

Organised by Divya Kotak   of Aho! Maa Charitable trust

January 2013  2nd and 3rd  Jan .

Friday, February 15, 2013

Former MDLR airhostess Geetika's mother commits suicide

Former MDLR airhostess Geetika's mother commits suicide

Alleging that she was harassed by her former employer Gopal Kanda, Geetika Sharma, a 23-year-old former airhostess with MDLR Airlines committed suicide.

NEW DELHI: Former MDLR Airlines airhostess Geetika Sharma's mother committed suicide Friday. The family alleged that they were under immense pressure from Kanda to drop the case.

"Anuradha Sharma, in her 50s, was found hanging in her bedroom here at her Ashok Vihar residence around 5.50 p.m," Deputy Commissioner of Police P. Karunakaran told IANS.

Alleging that she was harassed by her former employer Gopal Kanda, Geetika Sharma, a 23-year-old former airhostess with MDLR Airlines committed suicide at her north Delhi's Ashok Vihar residence on August 5.

Her former employer Gopal Kanda, also former Haryana minister of state for home and managing director of MDLR Group, tendered his resignation from the state council of ministers.

Arrested two weeks after Geetika's death, the former Haryana minister was booked for abetment to former employee Geetika's suicide and criminal intimidation.

Here are a few important aspects of the Geetika suicide case:

#1 Apart from naming Gopal Kanda and Aruna Chadha, an employee of the MDLR Group, former airhostess Geetika Sharma had also named another girl in her suicide note that runs into two pages. The note was found in her room by her family members. Sharma had alleged that Kanda had illicit relations with another girl, whom the police are now trying to trace. "Gopal Goyal (Kanda) is a fraud. He always keeps bad intention towards girls (sic). He is a man with no shame and guilt. He always takes advantage of others. Trusting him was my biggest mistake," Geetika wrote in her suicide note.

#2 The victim's family has alleged that Kanda had been continuously harassing Geetika, forcing her to even move to Dubai for eight months. Kanda had then used his contacts to get her sacked. "He wrote a series of emails to her employer Emirates, questioning her character and that she had defaulted on a loan. The airline sacked her and she had to return to India," Gaurav Sharma, the victim's cousin, said.

#3 Haryana minister of state for home Gopal Goyal Kanda resigned on Sunday after he and a manager in his MDLR Group were booked by the Delhi Police for allegedly abetting the suicide of the 23-year-old former airhostess of the now defunct MDLR Airlines.

#4 The victim's family has produced a series of emails, one of them reportedly sent by a Gurgaon Police inspector to Emirates, which were allegedly sent to Geetika to harass her. In one email, the 'authorities in Dubai' purportedly threatened to extradite her as a case of cheating was registered against Geetika in Dubai.

The family claimed that there was no such case and Kanda used his contacts to send these mails to force Geetika to join his company again. "When Geetika was working with Emirates, Kanda had sent an email in the name of a Gurgaon SHO. He used to call her and ask her to join MDLR again. He said he would frame her and her family in a fake case," said Anuradha Sharma, victim's mother.

#5 Geetika Sharma was required to report to Kanda every day after work, a Delhi court was told. The Delhi Police brought to light the "special clause" in the appointment letter of Geetika. "In January 2011, Geetika joined the company as a director without any shareholding in the company. One of the service conditions was that she would report to the MD every day in the evening hours," additional public prosecutor Rajiv Mohan said.

#6 With ex-Haryana minister Gopal Kanda still on the run, Delhi Police are now facing difficulties in gathering evidence too. Sources said this was due to the fact that computers at MDLR's office in Gurgaon were tampered with. According to police, the series of emails exchanged between Kanda and Geetika Sharma and data in the computer was the most crucial evidence.

#7 Delhi police on Saturday informed a Delhi court that airhostess Geetika Sharma had "terminated her pregnancies". Her family members, however, said they had no knowledge of the matter. Chaddha's custody was extended by a day after the police said they were yet to recover crucial documents pertaining to the victim.

#8 Delhi Police are whaling through voluminous 400 SMSes sent to Geetika by Kanda. Police Sunday continued searches at co-accused Kanda's offices and bases in Gurgaon, including his MDLR office, as he was yet to appear before them for questioning. He was untraceable and on the run, police added. "Around 400 pages of SMSes sent by Kanda to Geetika are being studied. During his absconding period, Kanda was destroying evidences at his MDLR office," said a police officer.

#9 The autopsy report of Geetika Sharma, a 23-year-old former air hostess, has confirmed that she died due to hanging and there was no foul play in the incident. The report, which was handed over to Delhi Police on Friday, says that the time of suicide was one-and-half days before the post-mortem, which puts it at the wee hours of Sunday. The autopsy was conducted by a team of three doctors.

#10 Delhi police sources said that Kanda used to call Geetika from her colleague's phone. Sources said that over 400 calls were made from a particular number to Sharma's mobile phone in the past two months. The number belongs to an MDLR employee, whom police have been questioning for the past week and now treating as a witness.

#11 Always a controversial figure, Kanda's ascent from a school drop-out and petty businessman to one of the richest and most influential people in Haryana's politics - all within a span of just two decades - shows how Kanda used the system for his own gains.

#12 A billionaire politician now, Kanda's penchant for the high life could be seen from his sprawling fort-like farmhouse on the outskirts of Sirsa town spread over several acres and touted to be worth Rs 100 crore. He also owns other properties in Gurgaon and nearby places. There were also the expensive luxury SUVs, gun-toting police commandos and even bouncers around him. Added to that were his flashy businesses - an airline, casino and hotels.

#13 On the run from Delhi Police after Geetika Sharma committed suicide and named him and another executive, Aruna Chadha, as her tormentors who drove her to commit suicide, Kanda has always managed to be a newsmaker for all the wrong reasons.

#14 In 2010, Kanda was caught on video asking his police commandos to beat up and fire at shopkeepers who were observing a strike in Sirsa town. He was shown repeatedly using abusive language standing on the door of his official car with the Tricolour on it. (Agencies)

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Saturday, February 9, 2013