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Monday, December 6, 2010

Aasra volunteer in East Africa

Aasra is not only a Suicide Prevention centre but extends its services in other areas too.
Aasra regularly conducts many outreach programmes every year.
As part of its outreach programme, Aasra volunteers visit various orphanages, hospitals, hospices,old age homes, remand homes and other rehab centres.
This time one of our volunteer was invited to visit and volunteer at an orphanage( Operation Rescue) in Mekelle, Ethiopia.
The volunteer also conducted a workshop and presentation on the topic Listening Skills which was highly appreciated by the authorities and students. The workshop was held in M.IT. ( Mekelle institute of technology )one of the premier non-profit institutes in the country.The volunteer got the opportunity to live with one of the native families and experience life in a different culture.