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Thursday, June 11, 2009

the workshop on domestic violence at

The chairperson of the workshop was Ms.Indu Shahani Sheriff of Mumbai.Special Invitee was Ms. Shobha De the POPULAR socialite and columnist

The things that struck me..

1.No initiative can be sustainable if it works only on charity. ie. for free

2.Most workshops Ive attended about gender equality has shown the male in bad light. True, that ours is a male dominated society but the other side of the coin has to be addressed too.

3.Women are still thinking that one girl going out with 3 boys ( her friends/classmates) is not a good idea..its a invitation to danger/rape...(this is regarding the TISS case.)

4.Socialites are still talking about what should be done.. How society should we should react.. blah blah ....(actually Im fed up of these females trying to talk about issues that they hardly know about...these women in designer sarees and AC cars. urgh....!)

5.Its heartening to see young women so charged up and raring to go....( NGO- CEHAT and the young people with women` s Helpline 1298( this number is also for an emergency ambulance service for women in need)

6.I would love to be empowered and not have to struggle with life everyday....( consider this an aside)

7. The directory that includes all the Ngo`s that could help women in any which way possible is a very good idea..
AASRA is also mentioned in the directory but the address given is NERUL.Should be Koparkhairane!