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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aasra advisory for women under attack

 The history of all times and of today especially, teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves - Louise Otto


Advisory for Women under attack

* If someone is trying to grope you then get hold of his thumb and bend it outwards. It will disarm him completely. But do make sure you are in a public place so that you can yell for support if required. You can also knee him or kick him in the groin, Poke his eyes, elbow him, hit him on the nose or at the temple. These are all vulnerable areas which when under attack disarms the attacker temporarily.

Take Care. BE SAFE. LEARN to PROTECT Yourself...

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Aasra Advisory for Parents to help students stressed out by Exams

Positive Motivation is one of the keys to combating exam stress
some tips for students and their parents to make sure that a child stays motivated all through the exam time.

1. Parents should motivate their children vis a vis immediate recognition of any extra-efforts they are putting during the exam time. They might reward them by allowing them an extra hour for their favourite hobby or cooking their favourite meal. Gestures like these not only ease the tension in the mind of children but give them assurance of the fact that their parents are equally involved in this situation with them.

2. Parents must figure out the time period for which their child remains motivated. While some children just need a dialogue with their parents to feel better, others might need an extra-push every day. Don’t just go for tried and tested ways, device a method that works best to motivate your child.

3. Parents should not just motivate their children to achieve good results in exams but motivation should be given keeping in mind the larger picture of life. Future goals must be kept in mind while motivating a child in present.

4. Children should have this assurance that their parents will always support them irrespective of their results in the exams.

Aasra Advisory for Students stressed out by Exams

The EXAMS are here so here are a few dos and donts for students so that they can keep themselves focussed during this tough period
Remember, exams are just one small milestone in life, not life itself.

1) When you’re anxious, reach out to a close friend, relative, teacher or counsellor you trust
2) Avoid talking to people who make you feel worse about your predicament
3) Don’t talk to friends who make you feel anxious about your exams
4) Do not indulge in a postmortem of a paper once it’s over
5) While writing the paper, focus on what you know first. When you struggle to remember something, your mind can go blank
6) Sleep for eight hours before the paper
7) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
8) Avoid junk food
9) If you’re in distress, seek professional help.

Helpline numbers :

Aasra : 91-22-27546669(24x7)