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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Entertainment program during the happy hours at the conference

Dear All, We have planned for Entertainment by all centres on the 23rd (Friday) September 2011. So please come prepared for the entertainment from your centre. If you have not given your entertainment time slot please let me know immediately to book a slot for you. On the evening of the 23rd' Sept'2011 The evening begins at 07.00 P.M. 1) Skit by Sneha - 10-12 mins 2) Other centres will also be putting up their own shows - so far we have... Srilanka - 15 mins, Kerala 10 mins, Hyderabad 20mins , Ahmedabad 10mins, lifeline 5 mins 3) Dance Melody by Sneha - 10 mins ( copy of the whole song attached) Dinner will be on from 08.30 P.M onwards On the evening of the 24th' Sept'2011 Evening will begin at 07.00 P.m The complete evening will be hosted by a professional Anchor - Mr.Arjun Bare Bonz Dance Studio group led by Mr. Srinivasan - a Bollywood Choreographer. He and his group will be putting up 3 different segments.. 1) A dance item by Children for 10 mins 2) 10 mins of Unique music created from unwanted household items like buckets, drums, bottles etc. performed by Mr. Michael who was awarded the Young Achiever's award for the year 2011. 3) 10 Mins dance number from the same group. 4) 7 mins - A juggling show by Mr. Arjun. All of the above programmes will be presented at intervals. In between we will have the anchor and the Audience interaction in the form of games,talks etc.Prizes will be given away for some of these games. From 8.30 P.m onwards we will have a DJ night accompanied by a grand Gala Dinner. Thanks and Regards Shankar

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