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Monday, October 3, 2011

Amy winehouse, comments by friends

Amy Winehouse did not care about fame, says Dionne Bromfield Friday, September 30 2011, 15:51 BST 1 By Daniel Sperling, Entertainment Reporter Email this story Bestival 2011 - Rolling Gallery © Bestival 2011/Ian Taylor Dionne Bromfield has declared that the late Amy Winehouse never wanted to be famous. The 15-year-old jazz star insisted that her godmother and mentor intentionally shunned the limelight, as she was more interested in helping Bromfield launch her own career. "If I didn't have Amy I wouldn't be where I am today," she told Look. "Amy never tried to take anything from me. "The only gig she did with me was Strictly Come Dancing. She wanted the spotlight to be on me, she didn't want it on her." Despite being thankful for Winehouse's input, Bromfield said that she would never allow herself to become dependent on drink and drugs like the 'Rehab' star. "I'm a clever girl. I know what's right and what's wrong and I've got my mum keeping a close eye on me," she explained. "She's my biggest supporter and there with a pin to pop the balloon if it's getting too big." Bromfield revealed in August that she would like to record a tribute album for Winehouse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Digital Spy Home Headlines Forums Video Blogs Play & Win Showbiz Music Movies TV Soaps Reality TV US TV Cult Gaming Comics Bollywood Odd Media Tech News Celebrities Photos 10 Things DS Icons Celebrity Birthdays Showbiz Forum Home > Showbiz > Amy Winehouse 1983 - 2011 > News Monday, October 3, 2011 Showbiz Compcov Amy Winehouse 1983-2011 Amy Winehouse knew she was about to die, says Tony Bennett Friday, September 30 2011, 21:22 BST 10 By Daniel Sperling, Entertainment Reporter Email this story Amy Winehouse in the studio with Tony Bennett Tony Bennett has claimed that Amy Winehouse knew her body was "in a lot of trouble" before her death. The 85-year-old collaborated with the 'Love Is A Losing Game' singer on the track 'Body & Soul', which featured on his Duets II album and would prove to be Winehouse's last recording before her passing in July. Speaking to The Daily Show, Bennett claimed that Winehouse had accepted she would not be able to undo the damage of her drink and drug addictions. "She knew that she was in a lot of trouble, that she wasn't gonna live. It wasn't drugs, it was alcohol till the end," he said. Bennett, who previously described Winehouse as "one of the great jazz" stars, added: "She was the only singer that really sang what I call the right way." Winehouse's father Mitch said earlier this month that the 27-year-old was responsible for her own death, as she did not properly listen to health care professionals before trying to detox herself. > Tony Bennett becomes oldest living artist on Billboard Hot 100 Watch Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse duet on 'Body & Soul' below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dionne Bromfield: 'I still can't believe Amy Winehouse death' Tuesday, August 9 2011, 15:21 BST 5 By Daniel Sperling, Entertainment Reporter Email this story Amy Winehouse with her Goddaughter Dionne Bromfield. © WENN / Dionne Bromfield has revealed that she has not yet accepted the death of her godmother and mentor Amy Winehouse last month. The 15-year-old jazz star found fame under the guidance of Winehouse's record label and the 'Back To Black' singer made her final public appearance at one of her gigs. Bromfield told BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show: "I still don't believe it, it's not sunk in. At Amy's funeral it hit me hard. But now I hear about her a lot, you see pictures of her, she's on the radio, so it's like she's there, but you can't physically see or feel her. "The last time I saw her she was fine. I think that was the best time I've ever seen her... It's such a shame to know she was at her best moment and three days later she was gone." Bromfield also opened up about the first time she heard of Winehouse's death, minutes before she was due to begin a show in Cardiff. "No-one wanted to believe it. The whole atmosphere went from being happy to everyone just quiet," she recalled. "You think it's just some sick rumour, you're waiting for someone to say it's not true. "People were saying, 'Don't do it, if you don't want to do it', no-one was pressurising me, but I knew Amy would want me to do it, she was one of my biggest fans. I didn't want to be sitting there crying. I thought, 'Amy loved to see me perform, do it for Amy'." Bromfield paid tribute to Winehouse during the Big Chill festival on Saturday, where she sang an emotional cover of the 27-year-old's song 'Love Is A Losing Game'. Watch Amy Winehouse and Dionne Bromfield sing 'Love Is A Losing Game' below:

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