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Thursday, October 27, 2011

72 year old falls from balcony, Madhuri lookalike says she was depressed for a long time

72-year-old falls off balcony, dies TNN Oct 20, 2011, 03.24AM IST MUMBAI: A 72-year-old man died after he fell from the balcony of his 16th floor flat in Rameshwar building near Kirti College at Shivaji Park on Wednesday. According to the police, the incident occurred around 12.30pm. Manohar Shah lost his balance while leaning over the balcony in his flat and fell, said the police. The building's watchman heard a loud thud and rushed to the spot, only to find Shah lying in a pool of blood. He informed Shah's family about the incident. Shah was taken to Hinduja Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. The Dadar police have registered a case of accidental death. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bar girl jumps off sea link, 3 Worli fishermen save her 23-yr-old Shehnaz Khan was not able to land another job after a bar in Tardeo shut down Nazia Sayed and Lata Mishra Mail this article Mail this page Print this article Print this page Translate this page Translate this page Rate me.... Share Share Share Share 0digg Posted On Monday, October 24, 2011 at 03:33:37 AM An out-of-work bar girl jumped off the Bandra Worli Sea Link in a suicide bid on Saturday night – only to be foiled by three fishermen. Twenty-three-year-old Shehnaz Khan, from Worli Hill Road, reached the sea link around 2.30 am. There were hardly any vehicles on the bridge, and no one from the toll collection point too spotted her, as she stood on a railing around 50 mt from the seafront. Unbeknown to her, three fishermen – Yuvraj Varpe, Vinayak Zille and Manish Singh - were watching her. The three live in Worli fishermen’s colony, and were sitting on tetrapods below the bridge, preparing to sail out in the sea in the next couple of hours. The trio sensed trouble when they saw Shehnaz standing on the bridge railing, and shouted to her, but she jumped off. Varpe dialled the police control room from his mobile phone, and was told that he should try and save the woman while a police team was being rushed there. Varpe, Zille and Singh dived into the sea, and reached Shehnaz within five minutes. But fishing her out of the water proved more difficult than reaching her, as she kept pushing the men away and screaming at them. “Let me die, get away from me,” Shehnaz yelled at her saviours. Varpe said, “The girl was very violent, hell bent on killing herself. She kept pushing us away while we tried to get her out of the water. But she appeared in a lot of pain, and after a while, stopped resisting. By the time, the police and fire brigade officials had arrived.” Shehnaz had hurt her back, and her left foot was swollen too. She was taken to Poddar Hospital, where the police realised they were dealing with a person who was extremely paranoid, and possibly mentally unstable. For a long time, she refused to speak to the cops, but the hospital doctors managed to get her talking. Shehnaz told the police that she came to Mumbai 10 years ago, and managed to earn a lot of money working in a bar at Tardeo. Some months ago, however, the bar shut down. Unable to find a job and struggling to support her mother and a younger brother, Shehnaz was plunged into depression. There were problems with her boyfriend as well, depressing her further. On Saturday night, she faked restlessness, and told her mother she needed a walk. Locking the door of her house in Zari Mari Darshan building from the outside, she went to the sea link to commit suicide, she told the police. Her mother was shocked when the police knocked on the door early in the morning, telling her about Shehnaz’s suicide attempt. “She told me she will return home in 10 minutes. I should have sensed her intentions, as she told me to take care of my son,” her mother said. Senior Inspector Vasant Tajne from Worli Police Station said, “It’s obvious the girl is disturbed. Luckily, three fishermen were there to save her.” Shehnaz sounded totally paranoid when Mirror spoke to her on Sunday night. “I was frustrated and wanted to kill myself. If I didn’t kill myself, they will. I am just unlucky to be alive.” When asked who were after her life, she just muttered: “Whoever has troubled me will pay for it.” In November last year, a man in his 30s had jumped off the sea link just hours before the arrival of US President Barack Obama in the city, sparking panic in the security establishment. The man, a constable present at the spot had reported, had thrown something into the sea before taking the plunge. The cops had ruled out suicide in that case, saying the CCTV footage had shown the man swimming around 100 metres and then drowning. Handling people on the Bandra Worli Sea Link is a contentious issue between the police and MSRDC, which maintains the sea link, with both claiming the other is responsible for preventing people from misusing the property. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Madhuri lookalike in Mira Road Avantika Kamath, hailed as the new age Mads in 2003, had her Bollywood dreams shattered, went into depression and is struggling to make a life. Mumbai Mirror finds out what went wrong Posted On Monday, October 24, 2011 at 02:48:39 AM Avantika Kamath won the Main Bhi Madhuri contest organised by a leading cosmetic brand in 2003. After being crowned the next Madhuri Dixit by the judges Dharmendra, MF Husain and Madhuri Dixit herself, Avantika was promised a sparkling debut in Bollywood opposite Salman Khan by the organisers. The promise never materialised. And the new age Madhuri faded into oblivion. Mumbai Mirror found Avantika, who has just completed shooting for three Marathi films. "I was promised a film opposite Salman, a portfolio shoot by a celebrity photographer and a dinner with Madhuri. None of these ever happened. However, I did say anything at that time since people might have perceived it as a cheap publicity stunt," revealed Avantika. What was worse, Avantika wasn't even allowed to approach other filmmakers in the industry. "I had even dropped out of college for the film," added Avantika. Looking back at the contest held in December 2003, Avantika, currently living in Mira Road, said, "It was painful. When my dreams were shattered, I went into depression. It took me two years of medication to recover and start my struggle all over again." The cosmetic brand that organised the contest, when contacted, said, "The range called 'Madhuri's Secrets' was discontinued due to Madhuri's pregnancy. So, the whole project was cancelled. However, few of the commitments we made were even carried out. A television show performance was also organised for Avantika." Madhuri Dixit currently in Dehradun, remained unavailable for comment. =-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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