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Sunday, May 15, 2011


TN man jumps to death from world's tallest building
Daniel P George, May 12, 2011, 12.35am IST

Burj Khalifa

CHENNAI: A 38-year-old man from Sivaganga district allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, in Dubai on Tuesday. The Indian consulate in Dubai said Athiraman Kannan was employed as a cleaner with Arabtec, a construction company.

Sources said Kannan committed suicide after he was refused leave by his supervisor. Police said he hurled himself from an air vent on the 147th floor of the 2,717ft building at 9am. He struck metal barriers before landing on the terrace of the 108th floor.

His death is the first recorded suicide at the building since it was completed last year.

Emaar Properties, the developer of the tower, said the incident occurred in the morning. "Around 9am, an incident involving a male was reported at the Burj Khalifa site. The concerned authorities have confirmed that it was a suicide, and we are awaiting the final report," it said in a statement. Emaar said floors 45 to 108 were private residences, with most of the remaining floors used as corporate suites.
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Indian consulate officials said they were coordinating with the local police in the investigations and Kannan's body would be sent to India once the police formalities were completed.

The Gulf dream seems to have become a deathtrap for many Indians. At least 80 committed suicide in the UAE in the last two years due to debts. Most victims belonged to Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Brother’s death had shaken victim’
May 12, 2011
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DUBAI: Dubai Police confirmed on Wednesday that the Asian national who jumped from Burj Khalifa had committed suicide.

The 38-year-old Indian national, Athiraman Kannan, “was an employee of Arabtec, working as a cleaner in the building,” said a statement from the Consulate General of India in Dubai.

“Kannan fell from Burj Khalifa and died on [Tuesday]...Investigations on this death are currently being undertaken by police authorities,” added the statement.

Col. Ali Ahmed Ghanim, director of Dubai Police station, said that Kannan took off his shoes and left his notebook at the site before committing suicide.

The deceased reportedly jumped from the 148th floor through an area where the company was carrying out construction works.

Ghanim called on the public to stay away from rumours and verify the truth from official sources.

He also pointed out that according to statements made by the deceased’s friends, he was facing some trouble at work, but had also been suffering psychological trauma caused by the death of his brother.

Ghanem noted that police teams rushed to the scene of the incident, following reports that someone had jumped to his death from the Burj. He explained that the deceased jumped from the 148th floor and collided with iron barriers surrounding the building, causing his body to land on the 124th floor. Investigations revealed that the deceased had jumped through a hole that was located where construction works were going on.

The police official said that the body had been transferred to a hospital to carry out necessary procedures.

“The consulate is in touch with the concerned authorities and will extend all assistance in sending the mortal remains to his family after completion of the required formalities,” added the Indian consulate.

Burj Khalifa suicide named as Arabtec employee
by CW Staff on May 11, 2011

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Officials have named the man who hurled himself from the Burj Khalifa on Tuesday. Photo: Getty.
Officials have named the man who hurled himself from the Burj Khalifa on Tuesday. Photo: Getty.

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A man who committed suicide by hurling himself from the Burj Khalifa has been named as an employee of Dubai building firm Arabtec.

Athiraman Kannan, a 38-year-old Indian, died after jumping from the 147th floor of the world’s tallest tower at around 9am on Tuesday morning.

According to a statement from the Indian Consulate in Dubai, Kannan had been employed by Arabtec as a cleaner in the Burj Khalifa.

Unconfirmed media reports said Tuesday Kannan had jumped after a dispute with his employer.

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Anyway, he made history.

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A spokesperson for Arabtec, which co-built the Burj Khalifa, was not immediately available to comment.

Kannan, from the state of Tamil Nadu, died on impact after landing on the deck of the 108th floor. His family have been informed of his death, the Indian Consulate said Wednesday.

“Investigations on this death are currently are being undertaken by the police authorities,” the consulate said in a statement to Arabian Business.

Emaar, the developer behind the Burj Khalifa, confirmed the incident and said it was awaiting the findings of an investigation into the man's death.

"The concerned authorities have confirmed that it was a suicide, and we are awaiting the final report," the company said in an emailed statement Tuesday.

Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest tower, standing 828m high. It is the first recorded suicide at the iconic building, which opened to the public in January 2010.

Dubai police confirm Asian youth committed suicide
By Amira Agarib

11 May 2011
DUBAI — Colonel Ali Ghanim, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station said that the Asian who committed suicide yesterday is working as supervisor of a contracting company .

He committed suicide by jumping from 148 floor of Bur Khalifa from a place where the company is doing construction work at the top of the tower .The victim had removed his shoes before jumping and also he left his personal notes in the same location, the official said.

He said that the police teams rushed to the accident scene after they operation room received information that some body has jumped from 148 floor of Burj Khalifa.

.He said that he hit the iron fences on the tower front.

Meanwhile, the Indian Consulate in Dubai has identified the man as a 38-year-old cleaner from Tamil Nadu state.

The Consulate issued a press statement on Tuesday naming the man as Athiraman Kannan, an employee of Arabtec.

“An Indian national, Mr. Athiraman Kannan, fell from Burj Khalifa and died on May 10, 2011. 38 years old Kannan was from the state of Tamil Nadu and was an employee of Arabtec, working as a cleaner in the building,” the statement from the Consulate said.

“Investigations on this death are currently are being undertaken by the Police authorities. The Consulate is in touch with the concerned authorities and will extend all assistance in sending the mortal remains to his family after completion of the required formalities,” it added. —

Nurse jumps to death from fifth-floor balcony
Indian nurse was suffering from depression

VM Sathish

Published Thursday, April 21, 2011

Picture used for illustrative purposes only. General view of Sharjah (FILE)

A 45-year-old Indian nurse working in an Ajman hospital jumped from the balcony of her multistoried building in the Rolla area of Sharjah. Shirley Vettikkathu died on the spot, according to eye witnesses.
According to Sharjah Police sources, the lady had been suffering from severe depression and had tried to commit suicide earlier also. The suicide shocked the residents of Rolla on Wednesday afternoon.

The lady was living with her husband and two children in the high-rise building near Burj 2000 Tower for eight years.

The accident occurred around 1 pm on Wednesday. Sharjah Police officials were quoted by the Khaleej Times as saying that the lady ‘jumped from the balcony’ and ‘committed suicide’. According to reports, police interrogated her husband, relatives and neighbours, as the woman had been suffering from depression for several weeks.

“She had tried to commit suicide by jumping from the balcony several times but was prevented by the husband. Finally, he fixed metal bars to the balcony’s railings,” the paper reported.

“The woman locked the flat from inside and jumped from the balcony, taking the metal bars also down. When the police found the body, the metal bars were beneath her. The fall resulted in severe damage, which caused her immediate death. The police investigation is still continuing and the body has been taken to the forensic lab for autopsy,” the report said.

Reports suggest that most of the suicide victims in the UAE are Indians. Of the total number of suicide cases reported in Dubai in 2009, about 70 per cent were Indian nationals, according to a recent statistics. Out of a total 113 people who chose to end their lives, 79 were from the Indian sub-continent.

In the first 10 months of 2010, 10 women committed suicide in Dubai, including one Indian, three Filipinos and two Nepalese, one British, one Saudi Arabian and one Ethiopian. Most of the victims chose to hang themselves, followed by those who cut their wrists and the rest either jumped from high rises or took drug overdose.


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