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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stomach problems linked to Depression

It was revealed in a recent study that if one is having trouble in stomach, it might lead to trouble in the anxiety levels of the person as well. The research was of the view that stomach disorders can lead to issues with the mental status of the person. A person might be subjected to depression due to digestive issues.

The underlying science behind this matter is that gastrointestinal disorders might lead to change in the psychological levels of a person. It has been revealed that the amount of research that has been conducted in this regard is worthwhile. The stress levels of a person might be affected due to the gastric movements of the same.

"A lot of research has focused on understanding how the mind can influence the body”, said Pankaj Pasricha, Professor and chief of gastroenterology and hepatology.

The study was conducted on rats and it revealed that they got infected with serious gastric problems when they were 8-10 weeks old. These rats were more likely to be depressed and anxious than the others.

The fact is that the gut of the person is affected with stomach disorders and this leads to difference in the way one thinks and behaves as well. "There is signaling across the gut to the brain that permanently alters its function”, said Pasricha.

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