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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#WorldSuicidePrventionDay activities by #AASRASuicidePrevention NGO Helpline(24x7)912227546669forDepressed&Suicidal

WorldSuicidePrventionDay activities by #AASRASuicidePrevention NGO Helpline(24x7)912227546669forDepressed&Suicidal

pre-event Awareness drive at "UMANG'  NM college fest bet Aug 14-17 pics available on our facebook page  aasrasuicideprevention@facebook

pre-event Talk on 'Conquering Depression' by Johnson Thomas  at HELP library ,Tardeo on 6th Sept 3.30 pm

E-initiative and social media campaign  throughout the suicide prevention week with positive motivational messages highlighting that help is available

Cycle rally  10 am Thakurli station east side. Distribution of handouts
Awareness drive (relay) with enlisted volunteers cycling throughout the city/country (no fixed location)   the entire day 


Lighting of candle in individual homes and establishments between 8 pm and 9 pm

Launch of AASRA-IIT Kharagpur tie-up for college fest kshitij 2015- social campaign for suicide awareness

#WSPD2014 #AFSP #IASP #WHO #BefriendersWorldwid #BefriendersIndia #Lifeline #INFOTES #AasraSuicidePreventionHelpline912227546669(24x7)

Down to Zero (2014) - a short film (with English subtitles)Synopsis: A heartbroken man commits suicide thinking that it will end his pain.

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