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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Four students questioned by police and cleared after bullied girl, 15, kills herself and names them in tormented suicide note saying 'thanks for all the pain'

Stop Bullying...Bullying is a sign of low self-esteem and complexed self-image- a sign of weakness as they say

  • Cora Delille hanged herself in her family's Ohio home on May 10
  • In a suicide note, she named four students, including two ex-boyfriends
  • Friends say she endured name-calling in the halls at school and one student even said she was glad she was dead
  • But police said they interviewed the students named in the note and found evidence of 'name-calling' - but nothing to warrant prosecution
  • Cora, whose boyfriend had broken up with her the day before she died, also wrote about feeling unloved at home amid her parents' divorce
A 15-year-old girl who was bullied by classmates for years has killed herself after naming her tormenters in a suicide note and telling them: 'Thanks for all the pain.'
Cora Delille's body was found by a family member at their home in Pickerington, Ohio on May 10 after she hanged herself, Commander Matt Delp of Pickerington Police said.
She left an emotional note giving a 'myriad of reasons' why she took her life, including classmates calling her names and feeling abandoned by her father and stepfather, he told MailOnline.
'There were complex issues,' Delp explained. 'She wrote about her home life and feeling unloved. Her mother and stepfather - the father she had known for 14 years - were getting a divorce. Her boyfriend had broken up with her the day before. There were many reasons.'
Tragic: Cora Delille, 15, hanged herself on May 10 after enduring years of bullying, her friends have said

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