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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A heartfelt Thank you from a suicidal caller ...

This is an email received from one of our callers. Name and address of course is confidential so can't reveal that. But needless to say, this is inspiring( for all our volunteers and supporters) to keep this unique service to the depressed and suicidal going for a long time to come... Thank you for feeling the need to tell us so. We appreciate your well being!

Dear AASRA voice at 9.17 pm to ??? on 24 May:

Your gentle counsel and attentive listening has helped me see another day. I am not sure if it is good or bad for me, but I know that I have prevented a tragedy for many people whose lives are bound with mine.

Your training has been phenomenal and your ability to quickly assimilate garbled information astounding.

I never thought I would call a Suicide Helpline. Now that I have, I feel that I have someone always for me. I shall never feel alone again in this tricky matter of having to tell someone that I want to die. This is not something you can ever talk about to siblings or close friends at all times of day or night.


and many thanks,\


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