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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love,Pain And Happiness

As i just thought to write this blog, a plethora of thought contrasting my own views ,began to sweep my mind. So, I am pretty messed up and don’t know from where to start it. Love is the most beautiful word in English literature, happiness is something we all strive for(and live for) and pain is the brutal reality of life. Still all three of them are highly inter-related. U can't be happy without being in love and love demands lot of pain and sufferings.

As Benjamin Disreli has quoted "We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end."I truly agree with it. U can't imagine a universe without LOVE,we are here just because we love our life and people. Sometimes, negative thoughts have that impact on us that we begin to hate everything around us,everyone seems to be disloyal,we start losing faith on others,GOD and even on ourself.This is the time when a silent pat of someone on shoulders ,tender affection of some beloved and chariness of elder-ones comes in to rescue. These all acts of love help in restoring a man , it makes him stable and gives him the courage to stand and face the world. Love has got many dimensions .It could come from anywhere and from anyone, it is just that feeling of being important to someone. But, we,Humans have restricted it to limited relations .We no longer care for loving mankind. As Mother Teresa points out" if u judge people, u wont have time to love them". We are really so much screwed that we don’t want to believe on someone until he really makes a real impact inside us and leave alone the case of loving him. But, this is a pragmatic approach and i don’t say it wrong either. Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give -- which is everything.

If you are a true lover, u are bound to face many hurdles because the course of true love never runs smooth. Love and pain are two faces of same coin. The true meaning of love can be felt by someone who has really felt the maximum pain. It has been said that all the great lovers have been losers. It has a great meaning attached to it. Hundreds of them leave everything in their way to achieve what they love and its quite common to see that they haven't been able to acheive that.The value of water is worth the most to one who is thirsty in desert for an entire day. So, pain is an integral part of love. Even nature supports this fact; u can't have a rose without a throne, a lotus without mud. So, if u want to love someone or something, be prepared to pay the price for that.

Now, comes happiness. Everyone in this world wants to be happy and he is persuading his happiness. Happiness to me means the feeling of being recognized and cared. And this feeling can't come if u are not in love.U are happy because ur loved ones are happy.You need to love everything that comes ur way.It gives u positive energy and fills the ambience with aroma of happiness..

Love is the greatest refreshment in life.The heart that loves is always young. So, lets come forward and love everyone in this world.Feel the pain associated with it and then only we can be happy.This is love,pain and happiness according to me.


reena said...

hey, nice post..... true love is never smooth...

Insouciant Haranguer said...

Nice post Vivek!!
Keep the good work up!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post....true lovers don’t ever get defeats in his/her life…just for time phase, mind is in swinging stage for learning’s and better results…..Thanks