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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art of feeling Empowered…..

In recent time’s positive psychology, stress management, good ways of leading life have become toast of the town.... Everybody seems to be talking about it..... Depression, anxiety and stress are fast becoming part and parcel of modern lifestyle.... I sometimes can’t help myself from wondering why in spite of living better life than our previous generations (comfort wise) we are always whining about things??? We all are in some kind of rat race and are endlessly chasing things (which we ourselves don’t really know but we are chasing because we don’t want to get left behind in the race)....

Our inability of being in control of things around causes anxiety and stress and pushes us into depression …. But one should realize that it’s very difficult to control one’s environment … So the smart way is to fix inside rather than trying to fix outside …. Environment, circumstances, situations, conditions etc are very difficult to control so one should focus on changing one’s attitude and the way he perceives things….. To illustrate this let me tell a story.... Once a man was walking he crossed one man and asked what are you doing? The man replied with anger can’t you see I am cutting stone ... He moved further and asked another man what he was doing? He replied with helplessness and misery that he is trying to earn a square meal for himself and his family by doing whatever work is given to him.... He moved further and asked another man what he was doing. He replied with great joy and delight that he was building a magnificent and splendid temple.... All these three men were doing the same thing but what determined their level of satisfaction was their state of mind i.e. the context in which they were thinking about it rather than the situation itself.....

And this context i.e. way of looking at things, perceiving them and drawing experiences from it is in our hands unlike the content which depends on lots of other factors. It is also said in Gita that Karma is in one’s hand not its fruit so why bother about it and whine. Karma is how one reacts to their environment .When you understand that you stop blundering through life and feel empowered, as you know for sure that you are the director, producer and actor of your life. So focus on your inner well being and always remember that quality of life depends more on the intentional activities i.e. cognitive, behavioral and volitional activities which we choose to do than the circumstances and situation we face ……

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