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Friday, July 29, 2011

Couple jump off train at Agra

A young couple committed suicide by jumping off a moving train at Agra near Delhi a week ago.

(news courtesy Times of India)

If you are feeling suicidal NOW, please read this.

Also see:

SuicideWatch Resources- FAQ, risk factors, about hotlines, other resources and subreddits, including:



International Hotline Numbers

Please consider this before you post a public request or offer to share contact information.

This is a place of support. Therefore discussion of suicide methods or right to die issues will be moderated. If your post is removed for this reason, please edit it and re-submit, as we DO still want to talk to you.

If you see abuse, trolling, pro-suicide comments, or discussion of methods, these need our immediate attention, so please use "message the moderators" rather than the "report" links. Thanks!

Victims with severe anxiety need to seek help

5 step theory for post trauma stress

1-Reassure the victims that they are safe

2-Listen to them without being judgemental

3-In case of extreme behaviour seek professional help. Medication should be the last recourse.

4-Strike a balance between curiosity and compassion

5-Provide emotional first aid to the victims and their relatives - like befrienders /Samaritans (AASRA) do worldwide

Many people will experience feelings of anxiety and panic in their lives and often they are completely reasonable. That is to say that they appear as a result of a stressful period in your life such as starting a new job or losing a loved one. So the question is, when should you seek help? The answer to that is NOW!

Why now? Because anxiety is definitely treatable, that is to say that something can be done about it in terms of therapy, medication and self help. Yes, a certain amount of anxiety is natural and useful, as it is our bodies way of telling us there is a problem. If the anxiety has been lingering enough for you to have started researching it on the internet it is time to do soemthing about it.

That does not mean you have a reason to worry. You are not mentally ill and nor are you in all likelihood in any physical danger. The best thing to do is to start by talking to your doctor. It is more than likely that the doctor will tell you to take time out from the stresses in your life and this will probably calm you down. But if you do need to speak to a therapist or learn how to better manage the stress in your life or overcome conflicts then hopefully your doctor can point you in the right direction. For more information use the menu to the left or check out these FAQS.

Also, why not think about relaxation exercises you can do yourself, such as learning to meditate, doing yoga, or taking up exercise. Also check out some of the great self-help books available.

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