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Monday, September 13, 2021

Your Rights At The Medical Store

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In India,
- 43%, the largest share of household expenditure on health, is incurred on purchase of medicines.
- 7% of Indians fall below the poverty line just because of indebtedness due to health expenditure.
- 23% of those who fall sick can't afford healthcare.

One of the major reasons is the high cost of medicines that are sold in the market. While there are many reasons for the high cost of medicines, one of the major reasons is the functioning of medical stores.

Most of us purchase medicines at the local medical store/pharmacy, however many of us are unaware of the rules and regulations that the medical store has to follow and our rights while purchasing medicines.
Some of us concerned about this have brought out a information booklet, “Your Rights at the Medical Store” that provides information on consumers' rights at the medical store, who is a pharmacist, how to identify a medical store, responsibilities of medical stores and pharmacists and where to approach in case of complaints (booklet attached). Our efforts have been to raise awareness on consumer rights and exercising them.
We request you to disseminate this booklet widely and share it with your friends, colleagues, relatives, patient/consumer organisations and other groups who may benefit from this booklet. You may wish to share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various social, print and visual media. All contents of this booklet can be reproduced, copied, or translated without permission; however, an acknowledgment would be appreciated.
Thanking you in advance and hoping that it would make a small difference in the health care system of our country. (coutesy #SunilNandraj)


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