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Thursday, September 9, 2021

World Suicide Prevention Day Sept 10th 2021 Decriminalising Suicide: Reducing Stigma, Saving Lives.

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As we approach World Suicide Prevention Day this Friday, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has been priviledged to support United for Global Mental Health with the launch of a new report, Decriminalising Suicide: Reducing Stigma, Saving Lives.

Suicide remains a criminal offence in 20 countries, with some laws dating as far back as 160 years ago. The report surveys the legal structures in each of the 20 countries where suicide is a criminal offence. It explains what the repercussions are for someone who attempts suicide and explores national efforts to reform legislation.

You can find out more about the report on the UnitedGMH website here, and we encourage you to promote this on social media.

Right now, there is a historic opportunity to press for reform with the world agreeing to reduce suicide through the Sustainable Development Goals, and governments committing to decriminalising suicide through endorsement of the WHO Global Mental Health Action Plan 2020-2030.

We hope that the publication of this report will help those campaigning for decriminalisation of suicide make progress and ensure that everyone, everywhere, who needs support for their mental health can access it, free of stigma and discrimination.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

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