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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

26 yr old kills wife, hangs self

26-yr-old kills wife, hangs self
Aug 14, 2011 |

Age Correspondent



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A day after a senior citizen killed himself due to rising inflation, a recently married Kalwa resident was found to have allegedly killed his wife and then taken his own life in their residence after suffering financial losses due to the recent collapse of the stock. The incident came to light on Friday.
According to the Kalwa police, the dead couple has been identified as Suhas Parab (26) and his wife Shilpa (25).
“Shilpa’s sister had been trying to call her since Friday morning and got worried when Shilpa did not answer the phone. hence, she went to their residence in Manisha Nagar in the evening. When repeated knocking on the door elicited no response, she raised an alarm,” said an officer with the Kalwa police.
The neighbours then called the police and a team of policemen reached the spot. The door was broken down and the police entered the house only to find Shilpa lying on the bed, and Suhas hanging from the ceiling fan by a nylon rope.
Both bodies were taken to the Thane Civil Hospital. “The level of decomposition suggests that the couple died 10 to 12 hours before the bodies were discovered. There was a cut on Shilpa’s throat, and Suhas’s right wrist was also slit. A suicide note found in the house stated that the couple was taking the extreme step as the company that Suhas worked for had suffered financial losses,” said Arun Sonde, senior police inspector, Kalwa police station.
Suhas had married Shilpa only a month ago, and decorative placards bearing their names, which were used in their wedding, were found displayed prominently in the house. Suhas was working for a private investment company, which had been facing huge financial losses since the stock market started dipping.
Mr Sonde added that post-mortem reports have reserved opinion on cause of death, but no evidence of any foul play had come to light so far. An accidental death report has been registered.

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