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Friday, February 11, 2011

Get active in Class 9, score higher, Bhavya Dore, hindustan Times

Get active in Class 9, score higher
Bhavya Dore,Hindustan Times

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Mumbai, February 12, 2011
First Published: 02:54 IST(12/2/2011)

Class 9 CBSE students who score well in co-curricular activities in school stand to gain higher grades in their annual report card, said a new circular issued by the CBSE on Friday. The circular states that Class 9 students with scores in the upper range in co-curricular activities will be eligible
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for higher grades in the academic subjects. This is the second year that the CBSE will be employing the continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system where students will be awarded grades based on their performance through the year on academic and co-curricular parameters.

Students will receive grades in life skills, attitudes and values, co-curricular activities and health and physical education, which will then be converted into points. A student can score a maximum of 42 points in these subjects in total. “Those students who get total grade points (for co-curricular activities) in the range of 34 to 42 may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in two subjects in scholastic areas,” said the circular. “Those students who get total grade points in the range 19 to 33 may benefit by getting upgraded to the next higher grade in one subject in scholastic areas.”

The benefit of the upgrade will be extended to the subject that a student scores the lowest grade in. “These are skills that schools have always been assessing, but now they have put out the grading system for it in black and white,” said Indu Mathur, principal of Apeejay School in Kharghar. “It depends on schools to follow it sincerely, which I think most of them will do.”

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