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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Be The Change- Be an active Participant in the Hands free movement

And when you believe your voice holds value ... well, let's just say, that belief can make a life changing difference. -- Rachel Macy Stafford 

Good News of the Day:
"Having a parent that listens creates a child who believes he or she has a voice that matters in this world," says Rachel Macy Stafford, a young mother who, in this digital age, has made the life changing decision to go completely 'hands free'. She did so to ensure her children always knew, that their voice in this world matters. "Because," she continues, "someday our children will find themselves in a difficult situation and they'll have a choice -- either to suffer in silence or speak up. And perhaps that is the moment they will remember your eyes, the nodding of your head, your thoughtful response. And suddenly they will be reminded that their voice holds value." Read more about the "Hands Free" movement -- and how it has the potential to be transformative.

Be The Change:
Experiment with setting down your electronic devices for a period, and really tuning in to that which matters most to you.

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