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Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello, Everyone! New volunteers Welcome! Esp. HIMANSHU and HUNNY!

Though Blogging is believed to have become passée , I truly believe that , a Blog can reach out to many people, and also become a place to meet and express feelings, emotions and opinions.

I am an active participant in another blog where ,members from all over the world ( whoever can) meet on a particular day and time and discuss, brainstorm , argue, explode and express feelings..
The blogger members have become friends and it feels like a family get-together ( this with different time zones, and all!)
Everything is about the will do something....
Last Sunday during our meeting, I was wondering if we can make this blog a fun place.....
let us strive to make this blog as interactive as possible...
are u guys with me?
maybe we can post a question and then we can all give our answers and discuss about it...
what do u think?
who wants to go first?

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