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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

annual Befrienders Conference to be held in chennai, update

Dear All,
We are happy to inform that all permanent centres in India will be given 3 free bursaries (1 Director + 2 Volunteers) for the conference and for probationary centres 2 free bursaries. The bursaries will include boarding, lodging and conference cost.
The Office bearers of Befrienders India i.e. The President, The Secretary and the Treasurer will also be given a free bursary.
While we are making all efforts to keep the cost at a minimum ,those who are not given bursaries will have to pay Rs.4000/- per person on a double occupancy basis. (this includes the boarding, lodging,transportation and other conference cost). If single occupancy is required, it will be necessary to pay extra.

Sneha, Chennai

S.No Topics Centre name

1. Difficulties in reaching out to very young callers.(in the context of the increase in such callers) Saath (Ahmedabad)
2. Understanding beyond words and listening to Non-Verbal cues.(Aasra's second option)
3. The importance of emotional well-being of volunteers Sri Lanka
4. Suicide of a caller –How it impacts the centre’s morale and volunteers’ confidence Lifeline (Kolkatta) Saath (Ahmedabad)

5. Volunteer Ethics (Aasra's first option)
6. Befriending in the case of suicide pacts/clusters/groups etc
7. The challenges of creating greater awareness of our services Maithreyi-Pondy
8. Handling extremely abusive and angry callers
9. Befriending in changing times – New Era, New Skills Maithri - Kochi
10. How our values beliefs and attitudes impact befriending. Maithreyi-Pondy
11. Outreach – Going beyond the confines of the centre (or going beyond the four walls) Roshni (Hyderabad) 1.Sri Lanka

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