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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tips for parents to handle students giving crucial exams

Tips for parents

Exams are only a small part of life. Do not make it bigger than it is.

Know your kids and their capabilities well. Do not expect them to do better than their capabilities.

Be pragmatic, practical and stay calm and composed.

Do not keep harping on studying all the time. Your kids have a break point too. Allow them to take small breaks in between studies.

Allow your kids to be open to you. let them talk to you of their anxieties and fears. reassure them and show them how to overcome them. If you find yourself incapable then seek the help of a helpline or counsellor.Do not shout, scold or reprimand your kids or compare their performance in exams or studies with those who do better than them. Treat your child as a unique individuaL and respect him/her for that individuality.Reason with them.Be creative in assigning punishments.

Make sure your kids have healthy nutritious and light meals- lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid giving them beverages loaded with caffeine and fatty foods. small meals every three hours helps keep their energy levels up and the brain remains active and receptive.

A glass of cold milk is good to keep the mind awake.

Be a good communicator/listener

Beware of symptoms of stress and depression:-

loss of interest in regular day to day activities

Feelings of guilt or low self-esteem

disturbed sleep, loss of appetite, irregular eating patterns

Prolonged feeling of fatigue, listlessness

Lack of concentration, poor memory, negative thinking

Thoughts of ending their life/suicide/running away from it all.

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