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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aasra plans to partner with India Health Progress

Dear Volunteers/Friends of Aasra

This seems to be a good bet the way I see it. Any objections? Please say why?

The following details our potential partnership with India Health progress...

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I represent India Health Progress (IHP) a first-of-its-kind initiative
to provide a health policy platform to various partners who will work
in unison to achieve a common goal --- access to healthcare in India.

Given India's enormous economic strides since the early 1990s,
continued healthcare inaccessibility is particularly disappointing.
The facts speak for themselves: Although around 70% of Indians live in
rural and semi-urban areas, nearly 80% of healthcare facilities and
medical personnel are based in cities and other urban centres.

What is required is an action plan, involving various stakeholders,
including international partners, to reduce the disease burden, and
strengthen access to healthcare in India. IHP seeks to generate
coherent discussions among various healthcare stakeholders and thought
leaders to produce practical, time-bound solutions that can improve
healthcare accessibility for the masses spread across India?s 638,000

India Health Progress is moving ahead significantly to unite the
voices on access to healthcare in India to create a greater impact.

In an endeavor to reach out to the policy makers with a stronger
agenda, India Health Progress is now partnering with NGOs, Patient
Groups, Doctors, Healthcare Experts, Hospitals, Academia and Industry
to take this issue to next level of addressal.

IHP being an initiative which calls for a united effort welcomes
volunteers and partners like your organisation to help overcome the
ever burgeoning healthcare access issues in India.

In the continuation of above, I seek your valuable involvement in this
mission to enrich lives of millions who are denied access to
healthcare due to pressing circumstances.

I am attaching a brief on India Health Progress along with a short
MOU for partnership between us (Which is not completely binding on you).

It would be indeed a pleasure to have you on board.

Please visit for more idea on what we want
to achieve together.

Faisal Banday
Team Expert
India Health Progress

Partnership MOU

India Health Progress is committed towards finding out every possibility that can add value to Indian Healthcare System to facilitate access. Continuing with the same spirit, this MOU captures the key-deliverables towards its partner in attaining the common goal – access to healthcare for all.
Key offerings/deliverable – IHP:
1. IHP will act as an anchor to get all the key players, which can add value to Indian Healthcare System, on a single platform.
2. IHP will fortify the call for better healthcare access in India by holding various roundtables and conferences as well as ‘Health Access Week’ across India.
3. IHP will offer platform to all its partners to produce their viewpoint on healthcare access in India through various touch points.
4. IHP will conduct third party surveys on the various healthcare issues in India and share the same with all its partners.
5. IHP will provide knowledge support on Indian healthcare to all its partner organisations.
6. IHP may also provide resource support to its partner organisations (if need be) after scrutinising all the necessary obligations.
7. IHP will provide the platform to showcase the achievements of its partner organisations on IHP website. (
8. IHP will provide branding opportunities for the partners through IHP website.
9. IHP will keep all its partners informed about the events held under IHP banner and invite them to participate.
10. IHP will showcase the articles and interviews of the spokespeople (Leaders) of partner organisations.
11. IHP will do a public relations effort (gratis) for any major milestone/event of the partner organisation. (wherever feasible)
12. Provide the website link of the partner organisation on IHP website.

Key expectations – Partner Organisation:
1. Share logo and name as the partner of IHP.
2. Share research studies on Indian Healthcare (if any) with IHP.
3. Share content on healthcare issues in India.
4. Participate in various conferences and roundtables held by IHP.
5. Give space to IHP logo and name on the website of the partner organisation.
6. Provide IHP website link on the partner organisation’s web page.
7. Keep IHP posted about the various activities and events conducted by partner organisation.
8. Provide on-ground support for the activities (Health Access Week) planned by IHP in your area.
9. Provide speakers for various forums and platforms formed by IHP.

Note: Key expectations (Except Point 1) from partner organisations are not necessarily binding.

We hereby agree to be a partner with IHP, by consenting upon the above mentioned terms and conditions

Authorised Signatory


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