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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Suicide statistics

Over one lakh people (1,22,637)ended their life last year. The figure includes 1184boys and 1295girls - children aged below 14 years. Though we do not have exact figure for adolescents, the number is staggering as 35.2% of the suicides is in the age group of 15-29years.

A study from Vellore says the rate of suicide is 152 for young girls and 69 for young men, whereas the national crime bureau recorded rate is 10.8.The study also emphasises the need to recognise adolescent suicide as a major public-health problem, with an urgent need for intervention.

International studies mention for every one completed suicide there are atleast 400 reportedly attempting suicide, 100 reportedly requiring medical attention for a suicidal attempt and 30 are hospitalized for a suicide attempt. To calculate the actual figure of attempted suicides -for eg. 2479 in 2007, who lost their life to suicide (aged below 14 )there could be 400x2479 who attempted suicide in one manner or the other. So we have about 10 lakh youngsters aged below 14 on the brink of suicide. Media reports the recorded suicides , not the many attempts that go unreported.
We need to reach out to the youth and help them rekindle their coping abilities so that fewer young and productive lives are lost due to suicide.

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