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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Response to Response!

Hey, Johnson and Reena thanx for expressing your views on the blog.

I agree with Johnson when he says that one should not get carried away with the romanticism and love in air and so on. Now a days its quite important that one stays alert all the time and pick up the right signals and hints sent in the situations.

Every case should not be conducted with a blame game session and covering own ass session. All, each of us should handle the case with enough maturity and take corrective and preventive measures to prevent the same in future. The title "I am Resposible" is to make one realize that as a citizen I am Responsible and I will always be aware of my responsibilities. All my roles will be played with the sense of responsibility. As a citizen, as a child, as a parent, as a friend, as a well wisher, as a guide and many moreeee.

Dear Reena, I appreciate your efforts to ponder over the case and try to trace the possible reason for the gal to end her life. I guess it could have been anything that you mentioned or did not mention which lead her to this one way journey.

I believe we can learn lessons rather than always being an example for others.

Happy Learning!

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