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Saturday, August 8, 2009

In Response to Shree's post

I agree with you wholeheartedly Shree. It is necessary for us to analyse why these kind of tragic events are taking place and who is responsible for it. But it is also necessary for us to understand that when we live in a civil society there are certain implications and expectations on us as part of that society in which we live. We cannot escape that and fighting it wont help much either. We need to find solutions that are workable and these solutions can only be found if we increase our awareness of what is happening around us and take the necessary precautions to safe guard our lives. It's all very well to blame other people for our mistakes but there is such a thing as choice -which we all exercise at every point in our lives. Even remaining weak and not seeking to strengthen ourselves and our awareness is a choice that we make. Blinding ourselves to the fault of others is yet another choice that we make. In todays' world we tend to have impractical expectations from ourselves and the people around us. We need to learn to live practically again and not get carried away by the romanticism of riches and superficiality!


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