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Friday, July 29, 2016

Johnson Thomas , director Aasra answers questions on youth suicides

Johnson Thomas , director Aasra answers questions on Youth Suicides

According to a survey, 58 per cent of depressed youngsters (age group 14-24) have had thoughts of suicide. I would like inputs on the following.

> What are the reasons/factors behind such a large youth in the city being depressed?

  The fast changing environment in urban life brought on by transitions linked to globalisation (loss of protective factors/fractured support systems  like break up of joint family system, increasing incidence of nuclear and single parent families, increasing attachment towards materiakism, ambitions overiding the importance of relationships and social and ethical strictures leading to the lack of strong  emotive bonding within relationships, poor conditioning in dealing with failure and rejection, lack of coping ability development to handle crisis situations. 

> Do you think the fact that mental illness is not taken as a serious illness in our country?

Well it is not and you can see that in the low allocation of funds towards mental health  in the budget itself. Also the stigma associated with mental illness has not been wiped out completely so seeking help for mental illness issues is difficult for most people. The lack of health professionals in this area is also an impediment. Also the manner in which some existing health care professionals treat the mentall ill is also questionable. 

> According to the survey, 74 per cent of these people are unable to talk to parents about their depression. Why?

because most parents would prefer to overlook depression as a possible impediment to their child's future. It's something they do not know how to deal with themselves and the associated stigma is pretty much off putting for any attempts at seeking help. Also depression is largely trivialised as a behavioural issue and most parents would advocate hard work ,discipline, and will power as a cureall.    

>  How can youngsters better their mental health?

A regular stress free routine would be ideal but that's not exactly possible in today's world. So instead, a  healthy lifestyle, a measured diet without carbonated drinks and fast foods, lots of exercise, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, adequate relaxation, cultivating hobbies, social interactions/communications. Above all stay practical and develop your self and skillsets as per your talent and potential. Do not get caught up in the rat race.