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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to tackle sunburn and stay bright

How to tackle sunburn and stay bright

# Get an ice cube or frozen vegetables. Grab those tubers in a
towel and rub them on for relief. You can also try cold (plain)
yogurt for soothing relief. Repeat applying it several times a day.
Do not use soap to wash.
# Dash for aloe. If you have an aloe plant in your garden then this
is the right time to use it. The colourless pulp inside can help
sunburns and itchiness. 
# Goodness of rosewater and glycerine would work wonders. Chaffed,
chapped or cracked skin can find relief with the combination. 
# Bathe with oatmeal, corn starch or baking soda! 
# If the sun burn is in small patches, you can try wet, cold tea
# If your skin is red and inflamed, try omega 3 fatty acids. Have
flax seeds, walnuts and fish to treat sunburn. 
# Eat your tomatoes! Lycopene in tomatoes protect skin from the
harmful UV rays and prevent sun burn, and even cancer. Lycopene
increases when tomatoes are cooked as cooking breaks the cell walls
of the tomato releasing more of lycopene. Don't bother eating fresh
tomatoes if you don't like them. Enjoy your tomato soup daily!
To add, do not shut the sun always as sunlight is the primary
source of Vitamin D, more particularly in vegetarians.

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