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Thursday, May 14, 2015

AASRA 'Suicide prevention' Training for other helplines

5 - TRAINING AND CONTINUOUS SKILL UPGRADATION Following the recommendations of the experts who participated in the National level Consultative Meeting, the counsellors employed at iCALL's were put through a rigorous twelve day training programme from 6th August 2012 to 18th August 2012, prior to the commencement of the helpline services. The focus of the training was both perspective building as well as skills training. The topics covered were as follows: 1. Understanding Gender – Mithun Sarvagod (Akshara Foundation) 2. Family in Crisis – Dr. Geeta Joshi (IPH) 3. Communication Skills – Adrian Rosario 4. Violence Against Women – Divya Taneja (RCI – VAW, TISS) 5. Counselling Skills – Ms. Akanksha & Ms. Jill (Ummeed) 6. Suicide – Johnson Thomas (Aasara) 7. Sexuality – Prabha Nagaraj (TARSHI) 8. Alternate Sexuality – Kavita Nair (Humsafar 21 Trust) & Shruti Chakravarty (LABIA) 9. Understanding Law – Adv. GH Khan 10. Addiction – Mr. Madhav & Mr. Inderjeet (Muktangan) 11. Helpline Counselling – Pratibha Nagaraj (TARSHI) & Sulabha Narayan (IPH, Maitra Helpline)

as abridged from TISS iCall's annual report 2012-13

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