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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Polka cafe- Article on Best NGO's in Mumbai ( Includes AASRA)

Discover The Joy Of Giving Back With These 9 Mumbai-Based NGOs
By: Richa Jain on Mar 31st, 2015
“In this life we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love”, said the very humble Mother Teresa, for she knew that there is no joy better than the joy of giving. Does your heart, too, reach out to the ones in need and make you want to do your bit and give back to the society? Do you think that you alone cannot wage a war against a cause you are so dearly concerned about? Then fret not! These NGOs will be the answer to your doubts.

When you want to be the change you want to see in the world, these NGOs from Mumbai will let you beexactly that.
1. Smile Foundation
Image credit: Vawhelp
An innovative learning organization, the Smile Foundation set out to uplift and enrich the lives of the lesser-privileged children, their families and communities by providing quality education and spreading awareness about core subjects like health care, social rights and social behavior. Whether you want to contribute as an individual or an organization, as a volunteer or as a donor, Smile Foundation has all its doors open for all.

Join here.
Image credit: Blogando Com Laila
Does any person who tosses a little chunk of garbage on the streets annoy you? Or does pollution make you worry about the Ozone layer? Does Global Warming remain a topic of concern for you? Then you probably might consider joining OASIS, Organization of Aware Saviours in Society, which works towards preserving the environment to best of their capacity. Join in as an individual or an organization and do your bit towards making this world a better place to live in.

Join here
3. HelpAge India
Image credit: Me Copy Bird
“Touching the lives of 1.25 million needy elders, in your hand lies the power to change one more”, how powerful does this one sentence come across to you? This is what the folks at HelpAge India have to say to you. Join in the brigade and give your best to uplift the lives of the ones who are young at heart but not otherwise.

Join here
4. SNEHA Foundation
Image credit: Sneha Foundation
SNEHA Foundation is an NGO dedicated to working towards providing means for prevention of violence against women and children, child health and nutrition, maternal and newborn health and sexual reproductive health. If these are the issues that bother you as much as it does to the highly ambitious and courteous people working at SNEHA Foundation, then they are more than happy to welcome you for your skills, time, talent and experience through their Volunteer Program.

Join here
5. Give India
Image credit: Monroeccc
They are a fundraising NGO for other NGOs, helping them function more efficiently and thereby transforming lives of thousands of destitute people attached therewith. If you feel strongly about their initiatives, then you can join in as a volunteer or donate for any cause that you are attached to.

Join here.
6. Akanksha Foundation
Image credit: Akanksha
The Akanksha Foundation aims to empower and transform the lives of thousands of children from necessitous backgrounds by equipping them with excellent education, imparting knowledge about social values and guiding them towards a brighter future. No matter what background you come from or what skills you possess, profess your love towards these wonderful kids by joining Akanksha and embark on a journey of immense satisfaction and bliss.

Join here.
7. Aasra
Image credit: Ads Of The World
What if you could save even one person from despair and darkness, giving them a new life altogether? The people at Aasra will exactly let you do that. Volunteer or donate, help in any way you can and save a devastated life by giving them new hopes and wings.

Join here.
8. Nanhi Kali
Image credit: Nanhi Kali
Founded by Mr. Anand Mahindra, Nanhi Kali thrives on the belief that educated girls will help hugely in eradication of social evils like dowry, over-population, domestic violence, child marriage and even serve as contributors to a growing economy. You can help either by sponsoring a girl child’s education or become a fundraiser or volunteer by giving your time and skills to the project.

Join here
9. Prerna Foundation
Image credit: Nancy Jthorner
Human trafficking, where innumerable women and children are sent to unknown places and then forced into prostitution or child labour, is an issue which the Indian government is trying too hard to eradicate and for the same, Prerna Foundation has been of great help. They rescue the trapped women and children and then provide them with quality education so as to transform their lives. Join them and help put an end to this heinous crime!

Join here

Let’s resolve to change small things, if not the world. What drives you to make the world a better place? Share them with us in the comments section below!
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Richa Jain
Richa is an incipient writer, always amused by the beauty of new and complicated words, a wishful Yogi and a traveller, can dance to the ringing of the phone, a happy Leo, consumed by books, enjoys the silence of late-nights, a social butterfly and loves anything that involves food. When unoccupied, you will find her doodling whimsical images on...   Read more

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