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Friday, September 13, 2013

Aasra' Suicide Prevention Center's 15th Anniversary

Aasra' Suicide Prevention Center's 15th Anniversary

It started with a simple ‘tring, tring’ many years ago- way back, this day, 13th Sept 1998
And now you have a treasure chest that's begun to overflow with unbiased caring, concern and empathy
For 15 years of uninterrupted service to the distressed, depressed and suicidal much pain did we share,
We’ve travelled a long way, taking unbearable pain and turning it into hope- One that re-engages and rekindles the desire to live again.,
Renewed and re-energised . Looking afresh at life’s possibilities. And helping choose the leap of faith over death and dying.
Accumulating a treasure trove of good wishes over the years. Doubling the joys of givers and making the lives of the depressed and suicidal worthy of Life!
Congratulations to all our volunteers, patrons, supporters and well-wishers

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