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Monday, November 8, 2010

how to prevent depression related suicide, Rachel Davis

How to Prevent Depression Related Suicide
There’s not much distance between sadness and depression; the former can so easily turn into the latter if feelings of neglect, loneliness and despair are overwhelming and uncontrollable. And depression could induce suicidal thoughts even in people who would otherwise never consider taking their own lives. Suicide is the result of either a split second decision or a single thought that plagues the mind for days together – either way, it can be prevented if people around are alert and aware of the torment going through the depressed person’s mind. If a close friend or family member seems depressed for days together, it’s time to step in and pull them out of this rut before it’s too late and there are regrets all around. You can do this in many ways:
• Point out to them the many reasons they have to cheer up: No matter how bad life seems, no matter how hopeless the picture looks, there’s always a silver lining on the horizon. Open their eyes to all that is good in their lives and make them understand that they have much going for them; this helps them look on the bright side and prevents the development of suicidal tendencies.
• Help them stay active: An idle mind is definitely the devil’s workshop – it gives rise to negative feelings and emotions that torture you and plague your body and soul. The best way to avoid negativity and beat depression is to encourage them to stay busy and continue with daily life. When you take their mind off the reason for their depression, they get better soon.
• Make them laugh: It’s true that laughter is the best medicine for a panacea of ills; take them out to a comedy club or a humorous movie, or just watch favorite sitcoms on television till a smile or two creeps out of the dark depression. When you find laughter, you banish depression for good.
• Show them that people care: Most people who are suicidal get that way because they assume that no one gives a damn about them and that people don’t care at all. Show them that this assumption is false by encouraging friends and family members to spend time with them.
• Explain to them that this situation is temporary: Probably the wisest words I’ve ever heard are “This too shall pass” – it helps you put things in perspective and realize that good or bad, nothing is permanent. Situations come and go, and unless we learn to go with the flow, we’re the ones going to suffer physically and emotionally.
• Get them to exercise: Working out is one of the best ways to beat the blues and start feeling good about yourself, physically and mentally. So drag them out of the house and into the gym or the park – if they’re regular exercisers, this should be easy enough; if they’re not, start with long walks in the fresh air and move on to playing a sport that they enjoy.
• Find ways to cheer them up: Get them out of the house and show them a good time; very often, all it takes to beat depression is one single fun episode, so do what it takes to get them to cheer up.
• If necessary, get them professional help: And finally, if nothing else seems viable, get them to see a qualified psychiatrist. Professional therapy can help them get rid of feelings of depression and find meaning in their lives.

This guest post is contributed by Rachel Davis, she writes on the topic of
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