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Sunday, January 10, 2010

In Response to Anil Thakraney's piece - Captain Johann

Re: Anil Thakraney on Parenting and Suicides
Posted by: "captainjohann" bjsamuhanand
Fri Jan 8, 2010 11:55 pm (PST)

If the Father has scolded Anil for poor marks, the son would have committed suicide.
If the parents ask their son/daughter to do well in TV programme or LIve TV show, the child will commit suicide if the TV host rejects the child.Again the parent is the scum
If a Child of 12 wants to take part in Boogie woggie without studying, the parents must allow or the child will commit suicide.Again the culprit is the parent.
Anil's father is a great man who patted his son for failure and so saved his son from suicide.
All this pseudo analysis is like the Psychology/Psychiatry lessons which our students of psychology/Psychiatry learn during their PG courses from the likes of LIDZ, MOSHER, REICHMANN etc etc. No double blind trial for this pseudo theories and they just have to get 20 patients and ask them to blabber their own thinking and a PHd is born.
Anil is lucky he survived because his father was out of the ordinary.But he is a looser who survived by luck.
I know my friend committed suicide when he tripped a girl and she complained to the school teacher who scolded him.
I tried to commit suicide when my father whose pay was rupees 105/- per month could not afford to send me to a picnic which costed rupees 80/-I tried this trick because my child hood crush was also going in that picnic which i could not tell my father and so tried suicide trick.My father gave me a rope and asked me to do it.I tried but could not succeed and came back with tail at back. may be if i succeeded, one less spineless Indian and this doesnot matter in a land where 50,000 farmers commit suicde due to social reasons while 50 IT professionals suicide becomes a psychology and work related stress problem!!!!!!!!!

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